Cody J.

I’ve ordered for the first time 2 weeks ago, the service was excellent, the delivery was fast, and I definitely feel the impact of the CBD

Thomas L.

Thanks to Instagram I found this amazing product, I feel better, sleep better and achieve a new score in my running (I don’t know if it connected to the fact that I’m wearing this bracelet but still) highly recommended!

Ben Julie

I just order for me and my wife 2 bracelets, I’ll update as soon as it arrives…

Veronica Bailey

I must say it surprised me, I ordered it since I don’t vape or smoke and always want to try the benefits of CBD. I can’t explain what exactly happened but I just feel better, I can sleep a few hours in a row and feel generally good, please let me know if you have … Continue reading Veronica Bailey

Pablo M.

Muchas gracias por un gran producto.

Bonnie J.

This is a great invention! I suffer from ADHD and undoubtedly the bracelet does its job – I can seat and work for several hours in a row. I don’t know who is the genius, but thank you !

Elen P.

Great product! makes me feel full of energy, it took me 3 days to start feeling it. thank you guys!  

Sean Colver

as an athlete, I am very strict about my diet and my health. Tanka allows me to consume CBD without actually eating it or smoking it. it’s so light on my hand, that I don’t even fill its there. perfect for joggers.  

Filip Fowler

CBD Bracelet! what a wonderful idea. its the next generation of CBD consumption. thank you.