Become Tanka Affiliate

Are you interested in earning a lot of commission within the fast-growing CBD industry? Do you want to help the people that need it most to get finest quality CBD? Our Affiliate Program is waiting for you to hop aboard and join the Tanka journey.


We Offer...

  • No sign-up costs to join
  • Worldwide shipping options
  • $30 on all new orders
  • Special payouts based on your performance
  • 180-day cookie length
  • Traffic from all geo locations allowed
  • Experienced Affiliate team to offer you excellent support
  • Easy-to-navigate user flow – more sales for you!
  • Endless tools and resources to help you convert your hits into sales

Why partner with us?

When customers purchase Tanka online they receive the finest quality CBD bracelet within days. We also proudly offer a 100% money-back guarantee across our full product range. We’re confident that Tanka is the best way to consume Organic Hemp for hassle-free, therapeutic relief and healthy living. It’s also a really smart way to make money.


How does it work?

It’s as easy as could be. All you need is place Tanka banner ads or text links on your website. When a visitor clicks on a Tanka banner or ad from your site he will be instantly redirected to Gotanka.com. Once the referred customer completes and submits an order with us - it is marked as your referred sale and you receive $30 on a new order. Once a month, you'll receive your commission for sales generated through your site from the previous month. It's that easy.


Fill in Application

Are visitors to your website interested in CBD, Cannabis, Wellness? Join the affiliate program today and start earning commission.


Get Approved

We review all applications on an individual basis and, if approved, you will have the opportunity to start making money straight away.


Make Money

You will then receive commission on all new sales that you refer to Tanka.

Become a superstar! Join the Tanka success!

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