About us

Tanka is the brainchild of a group of conscientious individuals who wanted to help a family member suffering from chronic pain. The Tanka team wanted to help that family member and soon realized that Hemp was effective and able to mitigate aches and pains without any side-effects.

As big believers in the healing power of Mother Nature, Amnon – a chemical engineer with many years of experience – along with the Tanka team, set to work. After much sweat and effort, we created a unique, patented, controlled-release Premium Wellness bracelet containing the right amount of finest Hemp extract.

One of the primary considerations when creating the Tanka Bracelet was to offer relief via naturally-occurring cannabinoids but without any psychoactive or “high" effects. Amnon and the team worked out how to get Hemp into the ideal, controlled-release bracelet, and thus the Tanka Premium Wellness Bracelet was born.

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